Why I Left Facebook

1. Simplicity. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life. Disconnecting from Facebook is part of an effort toward that end. It’s easy to “connect” but is it really genuine connection? There are privacy settings, but how private are they, and when do they change?  

2. Privacy. Privacy should be a right, not a mechanism for exploitation. But here we are. I resent Facebook’s relentless data mining, complete lack of respect for users, and an ever-changing joke of a privacy policy. I don’t want to support one billionth of their company via my participation. Facebook will not suffer for lack of my membership, and I’m not under any allusions of shifting the status quo. My decision is based on my desire to reclaim my privacy, in my little corner of the world. That’s it. So, why blog? The difference in privacy between WordPress and Facebook is that by blogging with WordPress, If I want it to be public, that’s my choice. If I want to limit users who see my blog, that’s possible too. And when I hear people who echo the well-worn sentiment that “privacy is dead,” I think of this….. and I just smile.

3. Community. Spare time is precious, and I’d rather spend it building friendships in my local community than sifting through a long ream of Facebook posts. I’m not against social media, but I see it as a tool, not a replacement for relationships in real-time. For friends and family who live far away, that may be less often, but Facebook was never a replacement for real-life  interaction. I’d rather spend time with friends face to face, or on the phone if in-person isn’t possible. When I think of community, I think of what people did before social media: They interacted. They went out for coffee. They talked on the phone. They sent letters, as J suggests. I was delighted by this. Which leads me to #4.

4. Authenticity. Blogging offers the ability to document events and projects that I’d like to share publicly with a greater degree of authenticity, mindfulness, and anonymity than Facebook. Besides, there are some pretty hilariouscreative, upliftingthoughtfulrandomawesome blogs out there.  

5. Time. Time is precious, and I’m fully aware that people are likely too busy or otherwise involved to check out my blog. That doesn’t bother me. I suspect that folks who blog, do so as much for others as for themselves. Although creating and maintaining a blog takes time, it’s also more of an investment. For all the reasons I’ve described, it’s a trade-off I’m happy with.


About thescenicstitch

I'm into learning new things, DIY, crafting, earth-friendly stuff. I started this blog to document my travels, both on feet and with my knitting needles. I've had a lifelong love of writing, traveling, pontificating, and all things hand-made. Welcome to my blog.
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